Buying at Auction

Why should you consider buying a property at auction?

  • You know that the seller is committed to sell.
  • You know you will purchase the property at a fair market price set by public bidding.
  • You have full control of what you want to bid to own the property.
  • Auctions reduce the potential negotiating time for the buyer.
  • Smart investments are made as properties are usually purchased at fair market value through competitive bidding.
  • In multi-property auctions, you see many offerings in the same place at the same time.
  • Buyers determine the purchase price.
  • Auctions eliminate long negotiation periods.
  • Auctions reduce time to purchase property.
  • Purchasing and closing dates are known.
  • Buyers know they are competing fairly and on the same terms as all other buyers.
  • Buyers receive comprehensive information on the property

Co-op Program

At the Weigand Auction Division, we appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with agents not only at our own company, but throughout the real estate community. Let us be another tool in your toolbox for both buyers and sellers.

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